Voice, Clarinet & Horn

 *Songs in the Wind is a song cycle for soprano, clarinet and horn. Each part interacts with the others in chamber music style. The texts of the seven songs are from Native American nations - Winnebago, Aztec, Papago, Makah, Navajo, Iroquois - and celebrate nature and our timeless human condition. This trio was commissioned by Jennifer Cece for a Ken Cro-Ken art opening at Park Art in New York City. It is played from the score. A separate score in concert pitch is included for the soprano. The movement “Song of the Deer” uses natural horn in F for the timbre and lightness but can be played on a modern horn. Clarinet in B flat and A. Soprano range from A3 in Song of the Deer to B5 in It Was the Wind. Duration approximately 14 minutes.