Trumpet and Horn

Suite for Trumpet and Horn is unaccompanied and has a duration of 10 1/2 minutes. The movements are: 1. Moderato, 2. Lilting style, 3. Cantabile, 4. Andante (free style solo for horn giving trumpet a rest) 5. Fanfare, March. Appropriate for college to professional level. It is melodic with unexpected harmonies. Two scores with both parts on each, one for Trumpet in B flat, one for Trumpet in C, both Horn in F. Great for concert, senior recital or just to play for fun!
Suite for Trumpet and Horn is available from this website published on premium paper, 9x12 as shown below, and can be shipped to you the next day.  You can also get Suite for Trumpet and Horn immediately by downloading it from SheetMusicPlus.