Horn and Piano

*Journey is a new recital piece for horn and piano. Duration 15 minutes. The movements are 1. Freely, Cantabile, which begins with solo horn exciting resonance from the dampered piano. 2. Happy, a fun romp. 3. Dry, Metallic, Heroic... starts with stopped horn and prepared piano. Then, restored to open and normal, journeys to a flashy end. For a more detailed description see below.
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Journey is a three movement work for horn and piano of 15 minutes in duration.  It travels from one scene to the next changing in texture, character and range.  

The first movement begins with acoustical elements of interaction between horn and piano as the horn introduction is interrupted by frequent rests so that the reverberations of the piano with damper pedal pressed can be heard. (To hear the effect turn your volume up.) The body of the movement features lyrical horn lines with unexpected harmonies with the piano and then scampers to the end. 

In the whimsical second movement the horn plays a happy-go-lucky tune with a smooth melodic line which is highlighted by a minimalist pattern in the piano with modulations that are often out-of-sync between horn and piano and is true to character until the final cadence.                         

The third movement opens with a register of the piano strings temporarily covered by a bead chain which creates a metallic sonority to compliment the timbre of the stopped horn, thus resulting in a machine like effect. Then a heroic theme alternates with a playful dialog between horn and piano, changing moods and meters until the finale when Journey is completed. 

Journey is a fun and challenging recital piece!