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I am excited to offer my Suite for Trumpet and Horn in five movements which is comprised of unaccompanied duets for trumpet and horn.

Journey for horn and piano is an ambitious but playable piece in three movements with some special effects.   

Recently added to this site are Songs in the Wind, a collection of seven songs with Native American texts for soprano, clarinet as well as some horn ensemble pieces: Green Meadow Quartet, Three Stars, and Shining Stars

“Ethical Duets” for trumpet and horn, more trios for horns, “Ora che sale il giorno" for baritone, clarinet and cello and “Trio” for violin, oboe and bassoon are in the works. 

I invite you to listen in the links. Although songs from Songs in the Wind have been performed several times I  regret we never got a recording. 

As I will be adding more please check in again to see what is new!

"The more I listen to this piece [Suite for Trumpet and Horn} the more I like it. The harmonic vocabulary is tonal yet with plenty of dissonance. It is enjoyable to play and could be presented convincingly on a collegiate recital...The repertoire for this combination is still pretty thin, and this piece is a substantive addition to it." 
       Dr. Jeffrey Snedeker- February 2017 "The Horn Call"

"It was a pleasure to focus on your work..... I thoroughly enjoyed it."
       Kermit Moore - composer, cellist, conductor

".... your horn/trumpet duets I would have to compliment you particularly on your idiomatic writing for the instruments and the consistency of your musical language, which is at once contemporary and yet very personal." 
       Donald Waxman - acclaimed composer, teacher, editor Galaxy Press


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